Name and Affiliation Research Area Country
Associate Professor Dr Vivian Tam
Western Sydney University
Sustainable Construction, Recycled Concrete and Green Building Australia
Associate Professor Dr Richard Yang
Western Sydney University
Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Australia
Associate Professor Dr Naveed Khaliq
National Research Council
Climate Change, Hydrology and Environment Canada
Dr Xiaohua Jin
Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Risk Management, Project Management, Construction Economics, Infrastructure Procurement and IT in Construction; Australia
Dr Khaled Haddad
Senior Engineer, Cumberland City Council, Sydney
Statistical / Stochastic Hydrology, Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, Water quality, Hydraulic Modelling – stormwater and Floodplain Management Australia
Dr Amimul Ahsan
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Water, Hydrology, Environment and Landfill Malaysia
Dr Chunwei Zhang
Senior Lecturer, IIE, Western Sydney University
Structural Control, Health Monitoring, Earthquake Engineering, Protective Structures and Offshore Engineering Australia
Dr Md Mahmudul Haque
Water NSW
Hydrology, Rainfall Modelling, Water Engineeing and Climate Change Australia
Dr Muhammad Shoaib
Assistant Professor, BahauddinZakariya University, Multan
Rainfall-Runoff, Hydrological Modelling, Machine Learning, Artificial Neutral Networks, Gene Expression Programming and Wavelet Transformation Pakistan
Dr Nam Mi Young
Inha University
Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Object Detection and Face Recognition Republic of Korea
Dr Muhammad Tariq Rafiq
International Islamic University, Islamabad
Environmental Engineering, Pollution, Water quality and Soil Contamination Pakistan
Dr. Vipul Jain
Victoria University of Wellington
Operations and Supply Chain Management New Zealand
Dr Md Kamrul Hassan
Western Sydney University
Steel-concrete Composite Structure, Steel-concrete Materials, Finite Element (FE) Modelling and Analysis, Static and Dynamic Non-linear Analysis of Composite Structure and High-rise Building Analysis and Design using SAP2000. Australia
Dr Yaping He
Senior Lecturer, Western Sydeny University
Fire dynamics, Fire Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Energy Efficiency in Built Environment Australia
Dr Md Baki Billah
Senior Lecturer, Monash University
Biostatistics, Econometrics and Bayesian theory Australia
Dr Rafiqul Islam,
Manager (Research and Development), Solar-e-Technology, Sydney
Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Islamic Ethical Finance and Economics, Engineering Education and Human and Moral Values Establishment Australia
Dr Abdullah Gokhan Yilmaz
Assistant Professor, Military Technological College
Water, Hydrology, Environment and Landfill Oman
Dr Won Hee
Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Structural Design and Reliability, System Reliability, Design Code Calibration, System-level Stochastic Damage Detection and Disaster Risk Management Australia
Dr Ali Hellany
Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Electrical Power and Solar Energy Australia
Dr Jeffrey Zou
Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Image Processing, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Australia
Dr Prasanna Egodawatta
Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology
Water Quality, Urban Stormwater Modelling and Environmental Management Australia
Dr Hasan Hafizur Rahman
Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia
Agricultural Science, Plant Nutrition and Soil Microbiology Australia
Dr Amir Ahmed
Global Circle for Science, Technology and Management
BioTechnology Australia
Dr Inja Jeon
Wise Automobiles, Seoul
Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Object Detection and Face Recognition Republic of Korea
Dr Mohammad Yousuf
Western Sydney University
Structural Engineering Australia
Dr Qi Cheng
Lecturer, Western Sydney University
Microcontroller Programming and Wireless LAN Systems Australia
Dr Muhammad Muhitur Rahman
Western Sydney University
Environmental Sustainability, Water Sensitive Urban Design, Variably Saturated Groundwater Modelling, Probabilistic modelling and Risk assessment Australia
Dr Ashiq Rahman
Western Sydney University
Water, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Australia
Dr H M Jahirul Haque
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Education, Management and Human Resources Management Bangladesh
Dr M Azizur Rahman
Western Sydney University
Botany, Environment and Arsenic Pollution Australia
Professor Dr Mohammad Nurul Azam
King Saud University
Econometrics, Statistics, Business Statistics and Statistical Modelling Saudi Arabia
Associate Profesor Dr Md. Azizul Moqsud
Yamaguchi University, Ube City